How to Make a Bow Level

A bow level is so important when it comes time to get your sight set up. If you don't have your second and third axis set correctly you will have a difficult time with accuracy and consistency with your shot. You can either spend $50-100 buying a sight level or you can learn how to make one for cheap. I don't know about you but I could think of other things I could by for my archery addiction with that 50-100 dollars.

Supplies Needed

Bowmaster Bow Press
Empire Level 581-9 9-Inch Magnetic Aluminum Torpedo Level

2- #10 2" machine screw

4- Nuts

2- Rubber Bands

Drill with 11/64 drill bit

Step by Step Instructions

1. If you hold the level vertically, you will want to keep the bubble level that is going horizontally.

2. With the saw cut an inch above and below the level you are keeping.

3. Make a did in the middle of the space above and below the level so you know where to drill the holes.

4. Drill the holes.

5. Put the screws through until you have about the same amount on both sides.

6. Put a nut on each side.

7. Put the rubber band of each end.

This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest tools you will need to set up your bow. You could even make a couple extras with the money you save making your own level. With your own level you will be able to check your setup any time you think something is off and you can make the adjustments that need to be made before it gets worse.

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