TRU Ball Abyss Flex Review

TRU Ball Abyss Flex Review

When I first got into archery a few years ago I was an index finger shooting, until target panic started to creep in. So I started looking into other release aid types, the hinge and the thumb trigger. I tried shooting a hinge for a couple months but just couldn't get used to it, even knowing that it takes a while going from a trigger to a hinge. I did try out my bow techs thumb release a couple times and was really liking it. So I started researching different thumb trigger release aids that I was interested in. The Abyss Flex was at the top of my list but it was hard to find any Tru Ball Abyss Flex Reviews online. As much as a good release costs these days I was a little worried about spending that much money on something that I wasn't sure if it was what I wanted. Fortunately for me I have an awesome bow shop that had one in stock to try. And let me tell you this has got to be one of the best thumb button releases on the market today.

This is the first thumb release I have used and I love it. It did take a couple weeks of shooting and adjusting to find the perfect set up for me. I kept going back and forth between 3 and 4 finger and finally decided on the 4. It's nice being able to have that option without tearing up an expensive release. On other solid one piece releases you would have to buy a 4 finger and risk cutting off the 4th finger to try 3. There are so many adjustments that you can do with this release the you can truly set it up to you and your shooting style.

On the third and fourth finger you can have them swept back or inline, there is 30 degrees of rotation in each of the fingers for the perfect fit. It also comes with two different barrel sizes for the thumb peg. The sensitivity and thumb travel can be adjusted along with the head placement with the Lever Alignment System which moves the string closer or further from your face at full draw.

Truball Abyss Flex-Whats in the package


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  • Comfort Flex Technology-Unlike solid one piece releases you can position the fingers inline, swept back, or anything in between allowing you to have a comfortable grip when at full draw.
  • LAS-Moving the head allows you to move the bowstring closer or further from your face for a more comfortable anchor. Now you can move the head in 4 different positions.
  • 3 and 4 finger in package-Now you don't have to buy anything extra or cut up your release. Included in the package you have the option of a 3 finger or 4 finger release.
  • Multi position thumb lever with small knurled pin. Being able to move the thumb barrel in different positions and also being able to change the size you can really get it how you want it.
  • Sensitivity and Travel adjustment. You can really fine tune how heavy the thumb trigger is and how much travel before the release goes off.
You can get this release in a large or medium size.

Product Performance

The Abyss Flex works better than I thought it would. While it did take a couple weeks of shooting with it and adjusting I have no complaints. It has helped with my target panic because you can shoot it like you would a back tension release only with more control of the shot. I have never felt more comfortable at full draw than I do shooting this release.

Abyss Flex LAS System


3 Finger-5 oz.

4 Finger-5.2 oz.


  • Adjust everything to fit you
  • Good weight
  • Matching hinge release-So if you like to go back and forth between a hinge and thumb you can get the Fulkrum Flex and have it set up exactly the same as the Abyss Flex.
  • Shooting a thumb release helped with my target panic
  • Helped me with consistency and accuracy


  • Maybe too adjustable for some.
  • All the screws on the thumb part are Philips screws. I would like the see them as Allen screws, like everything else.


The Abyss Flex is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to price but considering everything this release does it is well worth it. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for. I've seen releases that cost more than the Abyss Flex that don't have half the adjustability. Some times you might buy an expensive release just to find out you don't like something about it. You might not like where the head is, or how the fingers are set up. Now you don't have to worry about spending your hard earned money on a release. You can change everything about this release so that it fits your hand and the way you shoot. All without having to buy anything extra.

TRU Ball Abyss Flex Rating

The Abyss Flex has exceeded my expectations and more. This is one of those pieces of equipment that when you find a good one you keep it for a long time. I personally don't think there is anything on the market today that can compare. If you are someone that likes to tinker with your equipment to find that perfect setup then you need this release in your arsenal, but if you just want something simple and straight forward this may not be the release for you. Everything on this release is able to be adjusted to the shooter and that is hard to find with other releases, you usually have to sacrifice one thing for another. Not anymore.

TRU Ball Abyss Flex

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